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11/9/20 Monday's WOD

Please welcome the newest member to our coaching team at CrossFit to the Core

Marilyn Voight

We have put Marilyn through the coaching ringer for the past month, and we believe she is ready to be an official CrossFit to the Core COACH!!! She has worked very hard to learn what it takes to lead our classes and help our members with their movement. Please give her your full attention in class.

Marilyn’s background consists of playing collegiate softball, coaching high school softball, and doing CrossFit at C2C for over five years. The skills, work experience, outgoing personality, and knowledge she has acquired makes her a well rounded fit to be a coach at CrossFit to the Core.

She is not one to shy away from the outdoors and the obstacles that come with it. Whether it’s summiting a peak, backpacking 30 miles, snowboarding Mammoth, running Ragnar Relays, or playing softball, she won’t be one to pass them up. CrossFit has given her the strength and mindset she needs to continue partaking in the athletic hobbies she loves so much. Not only has CrossFit helped fuel that fire, the C2C community has given her the opportunity to participate in those adventures with fellow members and build camaraderie.

“I have never felt more at home than when I am at CrossFit to the Core training, interacting, and being a part of the community. My goal is to bring that same feeling of home and camaraderie to each member. My whole life I have held leadership roles whether it was on the softball field as a captain or coaching for my alumni high school, in the workforce as a restaurant/event manager, or out on the trail with friends. Motivating people and inspiring them brings me much joy, and the opportunity to share knowledge and improve people’s lives is the ultimate goal.”

We look forward to Marilyn gaining even more experience and knowledge as our newest CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. We are confident she will continue honing her skills to provide all of CrossFit to the Core’s members with the best coaching experience.

11/9/20 Monday’s WOD

A) Back Squat (16 min)

0:00 - 5@⅓

2:00 - 3@½

4:00 - 2 @ ⅔

7:00-16:00 - 3x5 @ 75-85%


10 Devils presses (30s/20s)

10 Pull-ups

10 Box Jumps

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