What is CrossFit?

Definition: CrossFit is a broadly inclusive, universally scalable, general physical preparedness program utilizing constantly varied, high intensity functional movements. 
Translation: CrossFit is an anybody can do it, always changing so you'll never get bored, safe, total body, get you strong and ready for whatever life can throw at you workout program. You achieve fitness goals you never thought possible by doing things you were born to do. Things like running, swimming, jumping & climbing onto and over things, sitting down & standing back up properly, picking stuff up off the ground, and if necessary, lifting it overhead, picking yourself up off the ground, throwing things, kicking things, and in general, playing.

CrossFit workouts can be done practically anywhere by anyone. When groups of 2 or more people start doing CrossFit workouts together, something magical occurs…a community is born whose members achieve so much more than they would be able to achieve by themselves.  
Click on this link to watch an awesome video made by one of our very own CrossFit Teens

What is CrossFit To The Core?
CrossFit To The Core is an ever growing community of friends and family who have a common belief that health and fitness are essential to fully enjoying life in the beautiful area in which we live.  We want our members to run, swim, surf, SUP, bike, skate, hike, climb, adventure, and play in sunny Southern California. We know that it is through hard work, perseverance, and discipline that health and fitness are achieved. We've stopped making excuses, we've stopped searching for a magic pill, we stopped looking for a quick fix. We have found that if we must work hard and be uncomfortable, it is infinitely more tolerable and sustainable if your friends are also working hard at your side. Every time we do a WOD (Workout of the Day) together, we build our bond through mutual suffering and mutual success. We achieve things together that we never would have achieved by ourselves. We don't just workout together, we also get out together. As a group, we go hiking, do distance, adventure, and obstacle course races (5k, 10k, Ragnar Relay, Spartan). We go to the beach, play music and go on vacation together. We BBQ, go to concerts, eat, drink, and be merry together. Our members span several generations (13-65) with the young benefiting from sage advice, and the not-as-young benefitting from the youthful enthusiasm. 

Are you ready to make some changes, work hard and have fun?  Call us at 949-542-6732 for your free introduction. We're eager to get you started!!

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